Program yang tersedia di tempat kami terbagi atas 5 group besar, yang dibagi berdasarkan penjurusan dan industri terkait. Masing – masing group terdapat 3 tipe program: Program Basic, Program Profesi & Program Pendukung.

Program-program kami:

Program Desain Grafis & Digital Imaging

  • Computer Graphic Fundamental
  • Graphic Design Xtension
  • Digital Photho Imagin Xpress
  • Graphic Design Fundamental (Corel)

Animasi 3D & Visualisasi

  • Computer AnimationFundamental
  • 3D Animation Xtension
  • Architecture Graphic Xpress
  • Character Animation
  • AutoCad

Web Design & Multimedia

  • Web Design Xpress
  • Multimedia Xpress

Video Editing

  • Digital Video Xpress
  • Audio & DVD Production

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